Peristaltic Action

I’ve discovered that it isn’t just dark space in here that I’m floating around in, it’s water. The Voice says that the worms floating in front of my eyes are my fingers and the fatter one is my thumb. I put that in my mouth sometimes when I’m sleeping.

My mouth has started swallowing, this mean I can taste the water. It tastes of different things. Sometimes it’s yummy, sometimes it’s not.

I’ve had a better inspection of the worms at the end of the long things the other day. The Voice says these are toes and that they are on the end of my feet, which are on the end of my legs. Complicated! She says she has a picture of me looking at the worms very closely. I don’t know what a picture is but she’s said she’ll save it for me and show me when I’m in the new space.

As well as tasting things with my mouth I have lots of new things starting to grow. It’s a bit sore. The Voice has said not to worry because they won’t grow properly for a long time yet and when they do she’ll get rid of the sore. She says it’s important they grow because they will help me to eat things. Different things. Not just water. I’m looking forward to this.

The Voice says she’s got me some nappies for when I’m in the new space. They are reusable. This means I can use them again but it does mean she’ll have lots of washing. She says it’s better for my bottom. I’m not sure which bit my bottom is but the Voice said something about food going in one end and…I didn’t hear much after that, I think I fell asleep.

It’s very tiring all this growing, I’m going, to try and get settled again now. If I wiggle my feet and toes enough the Voice moves so I can get comfortable. I hope nappies are comfortable, whatever they are.


4 thoughts on “Peristaltic Action

  1. Jane says:

    I do hope you collate all this and give it to Bean to read when she’s old enough! I would love to think that my mother thought all these things when she was expecting me


  2. Margot Kinberg says:

    Little Bean, those fingers will help you explore your new space in all sorts of ways. It sounds like you’re already enjoying trying them out. And don’t worry; your Voice will make sure those nappies are soft and comfortable for you.


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