Ten Things You Might Do When Pregnant

The Voice says it has something called ‘baby brain’. It don’t know what this is so I better let her tell you all about it.

In the past when someone said they had Baby Brain, I gave them a sceptical look, which could be interpreted as, ‘Really? Your baby has taken over your brain? It’s OK love, I believe you’.  Little did I knowthere is no stopping those hormones as they course through your veins and the inevitable effect they will have on your grey matter.

Karma is a funny thing, so as penance for the unbeliever I give you – Ten things you might do when pregnant.

baby brain



  • Forget your name and date of birth
  • Forget words, for example the word poster may escape you. You may find yourself describing it as a piece of paper with information on it that you stick on the wall. That’s a lot of words instead of one.
  • Forget how to speak, completely
  • Burn the dinner. A lot!
  • Put the milk back in the cupboard
  • Get in the shower with all your clothes on
  • Shout at your husband for moving something when actually you moved it yourself. The crucial thing with this is to hold your head up and deny it
  • Cry at adverts for nappies
  • Narrowly miss walking into a lamppost, because you’re trying to work out what pushchair that very competent looking mother has.
  • Almost forget to put some trousers on before answering the door to the postman.

I’m sure you’ve all got some to add yourself, so go on let us all know in the comments box below.

*The Voice neither confirms nor denies that these are things she may or may not have done during her pregnancy so far.




2 thoughts on “Ten Things You Might Do When Pregnant

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    …and then there’s also staring at a shop window with a lump in your throat. Those little children’s clothes are so…are so….*sniff sniff* angelic! I wonder how Bean would look in that dress…


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