Daddy’s Rules



There’s been a lot of talk this week about girls and boys.

The voices have said that I’m a girl just like the Voice. The Voice said it ‘was convinced I was a boy‘. I don’t know what boys are although the other voice is one, I think. The Voice was said lots of things about girls and boys and it made boys sound like lots of fun. Then the other voce said it would ‘chase boys out of the house’. I think the house is a kind of space and chasing boys around it sounds like fun too. The Voice says that Daddy (that’s the other voice) is out in the garden now, fixing the fence to keep them out.

I heard the voices talking about clothes and cot beds today.

A cot bed is somewhere I can sleep. I like sleeping. The space is comfortable and dark so I can sleep lots. I hope my new bed is too. They said I’d need music as well. I wriggle a lot to music, so I hope it won’t stop me sleeping.

I have more clothes now they know what I am and Daddy’s been choosing some too. Both the voices agree that I’m not going to have lots of pink clothes. Pink’s a colour and it’s for girls not boys. They say I can have some but Daddy and the Voice say that I can have red instead. Something to do with a name they have on their list for me.

You’ll have to excuse me now, I need some rest. It’s been a long day and I must get comfortable in my space, ready for a little nap, I’ll wake up again when the Voice stops moving.


One thought on “Daddy’s Rules

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Oh, Bean, it sounds like your Voices are having a lot of fun getting ready for your arrival and getting your new space ready. New spaces are fun. And I think you’ll like red. It’s a lovely bright colour. When I found out my own Little Bean was a girl, I decided not to give her a lot of pink either. She had lots of bright blue, red, yellow and green. Those are colours too, just like pink. Now I’m really wondering what your Voices will pick for your name! Oh, and about chasing boys? You’ll find out about that later – much later – in your life. But probably sooner than your Voices want…


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