Drum Roll Please…

There’s been some very strange goings on today. The top of my space kept getting smaller and then bigger again. There was a new voice that hung around for a while, too. It went on for quite a while and then the Voice said that now they knew. The Voice says I’m a girl like she is. The second voice got very excited. I don’t know what girl is but it certainly sounds like fun and I’m looking forward to finding out more on that subject.



4 thoughts on “Drum Roll Please…

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Oh, Bean, that’s wonderful news! You’re definitely going to have fun! You’ll find out soon enough what it means to be a girl, and the Voice will do a really good job of showing you how to be one. Soon your Voices will think of a name to call you, too – a name that’s your very own.


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