All Yellow

The Voice is still talking about a new space for me. It might actually be a good idea because my space is definitely getting smaller. I don’t want to move just yet but the Voice wants to tell you a bit more about this new space.

We have been in our house for five years now and the front room is one of the last to get a makeover. It’s a big double bedroom with a small basin in it and has, up until now been used as a guest room.

Now it will be the nursery! As you know I have already made some curtains and a lampshade for the room. The next part of the plan is selling the double bed, replacing the taps and or basin and redecorating.

Here are some before photos:

Not very exciting is it? This brings us to the subject of colour. We don’t know yet whether Bean’s a boy or a girl, so pink and blue are out. We could wait but to be honest I’ve never been a fan or pink and our bedroom is blue, so we wanted a different colour for the nursery.

Green? A calm relaxing colour. Magnolia or cream? A neutral backdrop. Orange? A deep earthy colour. Purple? Royal and proud. The list goes on but it comes back to probably one of the most common colours for a nursery. Yellow!

Great we’ve decided on a colour but thanks to Dulux* there’s even more choice! Which yellow?


Well you’ll have to wait and see which one we choose as, if little Bean lets me, I’ll do another post with the after photos. As a little teaser, you might just be able to see some sample colours on the wall in the before pictures.Now I better get on with those paint samples.


*There are many paint companies available out there. The Voice uses Dulux because there’s so much choice!

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