Legs Eleven

Dancing Legs - Bronze Sculpture by Elizabeth Romhild - www.elizabethromhild.com

Dancing Legs – Bronze Sculpture by Elizabeth Romhild – http://www.elizabethromhild.com


Now I know it’s nothing to do with this strange holiday thing; It’s definitely getting smaller in here.

I’ve been trying to move things around and get a bit more space, but it’s difficult to see when it’s so dark. I’ve made a new discovery. There’s two long things attached to me. They stretch out in front of me sometimes and if I concentrate really hard I can get them to move towards me. On the ends of them are some slightly shorter bits that stick up and then, on the ends of them are more of those worm like things. I can’t seem to get these worms anywhere near my mouth, so they are no good for helping me get to sleep.

They are good for other things though. I have found that if I pull the long things in towards me and concentrate really hard, I can push them back out in front of me and the space gets bigger for a bit. I did this once and the voice said something to me, I think. It said ‘Hello Bean’. I’m starting to hear things a lot better now. The voice is a lot louder. I think Bean must be what I am.

I’m hungry all the time and I keep asking the voice for more food. Today I’d like bacon, pancakes and strawberries oo and green stuff and chips please. I think I must be growing the things the voice mentioned called organs because bits of me are getting bigger. I’m a bit worried about how small the space is getting. I may have to stretch the longs things out a bit more to try to stretch the space.

Other voices keep asking the voice ‘are you going to find out’. The voice says yes but I have no idea what it is the voice is talking about. Maybe it doesn’t know what I am? The other voices asked ‘when’ and the voice replied two weeks. I don’t know what week is either but the voice says I’m eighteen of them. It’s all very confusing. I shall have to hope the voice tells me what – find out – is soon. Maybe then I can try to tell it about how small the space is getting.


2 thoughts on “Legs Eleven

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    It sounds like you’re doing very well in there, Little Bean, even if things seem a bit odd and confusing right now. Don’t worry; it’s all working out as it should. Give yourself some time and you’ll get used to those long things. Oh, and the best time to push them – hard – to make your space bigger is when you haven’t heard the voice for a few hours or felt your space move about. 😉


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