Making A Space For Bean

The Voice keeps telling me she’s making things for me, making space for when I arrive. I do not know what she means by arrive, I’m very happy with my space, but the Voice wants to tell you all about it, so here she is.

Making A Space For Bean I’m a very creative person and I love to make things for the house. So what better excuse than the arrival of a baby! I have no doubt little Bean will be inundated with quilted items from my quilting and crafting friends, so I set about making some things for Bean’s nursery.

Of course no nursery would be complete without curtains. These have a jungle alphabet theme, with a twist. For example U is for Ulysses Butterfly, V is for Vampire Bat, W is for White Rhino. I love the eccentricity of the animals used, combined with the cutesy pictures. I lined them with a lightweight calico.

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I also made some curtain ties to match, which I stiffened with interfacing and added D rings to. curtain ties Using a lampshade kit from, Bean now has a lampshade to match,

There was just enough leftover fabric to make a playmat. I backed it with a nylon wipe clean fabric, so it can be used outside.

play mat Last but not least, I upcycled an old laundry basket by lining it with some cute Bambi style fabric I had in my stash. linen basket   I bought the majority of the fabric from a shop in Ryde, on the Isle Of Wight, called Oliven. Vendulka and Olivier were so helpful and even helped me to design the curtains, not something I’ve ever attempted to make before. If you’re on the Isle of Wight, be sure to visit their lovely new store in Ryde and grab a coffee as you peruse the fabric.* 

I still have some seaside themed blocks I’m quilting to make pictures for the wall and the nursery itself needs redecorating but when it’s all done, if Bean lets me, I’ll share a picture of it with you.

Happy Crafting!

Here are the materials I used for my projects.  Animal Alphabet Panel x 4, from Oliven – Coffee Bean design in Turquoise x 2 metres, from Oliven – Coffee Bean design in Yellow x 2 metres, from Oliven – Yellow Gutermann Thread from Sew and So Fabrics –  Lightweight quilters calico x 4 metres, from Fabric Land – Curtain tape x 4 metres, from ebay – Lightweight interfacing (from my stash) – 2″/50mm D rings x 4, from ebay – Hooks in antique brass for curtain ties x 2, from ebay – 20cm Drum Lampshade Kit x 1, from Need Craft – Waterproof fabric PU nylon, 4oz material in beige  x 1 metre, from ebay – Bambi fabric (from my stash) – White elastic for top of laundry basket liner (from my stash).

NB// There are lots of other stores out there so shop around. These are just the ones I used. *For all suppliers mentioned on Bean On An Adventure, see the suppliers tab at the top of the blog.


6 thoughts on “Making A Space For Bean

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Little Bean, your voice is getting so many lovely things ready for you! Trust me, they’re all beautiful!

    To the voice – I wish I could do that sort of crafting. It’s all just lovely, and it’s going to work together beautifully.


  2. Vendulka Battais says:

    Brilliant!! Well done, you did a great job!! It’s bright and cheerful and I’m sure your little bean will love it!! And what a great idea to make a matching playmat from the leftovers!!
    Hope all is well and thank you for showing me the end result and mentioning us in the post as well.
    All the best


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