Pancake Obsession


I’m so hungry! When I feel like this, I get a weird rumbling sensation in my space. It’s not as loud as the whooshing noise but it jiggles the space around.Then the voice says,

“I can’t help it! I’m so hungry! I gotta have a wildebeest!”*

I don’t know what that is but when she says it, she eats something called pancakes. I love Pancakes. In fact the only way they can get better is if the voice had strawberry pancakes. She doesn’t do this. I don’t know why.

The pancakes taste sweet and bitter at the same time. It’s an odd taste but I can’t get enough of it. They make me wriggle.

Note from the voice: The voice uses almond milk to make her pancakes and uses a mixture of oil and butter to fry them as she finds this means they don’t taste too greasy. She adds lemon and sugar and consumes in quantity. Basically as many as she can convince her husband to make. The almond milk and flour can be bought in most supermarkets and the eggs and butter come from Riverford Organic (see suppliers tab, at the top of the blog)

If you want to make your own pancakes then the recipe is here: Perfect Pancakes

Update: If you need to get your pancake fix quickly, the Voice recommends Waitrose, ready made pancakes available, here.

*Quote from Banzai, the Hyena in The Lion King. For the record, the voice does not eat Wildebeest!

Featured photo is from The voice’s pancakes never look quite this perfect but who cares, they’re going to be eaten!



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