Upcycling Old Jeans to Maternity Jeans

The voice get’s quite loud sometimes and wants to have its say. It says I’m getting too big and that it can’t fit into its trousers anymore. It’s quite grumpy about it, so I gave the voice this idea. I’ll let them tell you about it.

You can buy maternity jeans in many shops now and they tend to start at about £20, but with an old pair of jeans and bump band you can make your own to tide you over that awkward in-between stage. These Jeans were made for approximately £4 and do a pretty good impression of the real thing.

What you need:

  • 1 x pair of old jeans, larger than your usual size. A pair of my partner’s old jeans are perfect.
  • 1 x navy bump band in your size.This bump band is from New Look and they are priced three for £9.99
  • black cotton thread for sewing.

How to Make them:

  • Cut the waistband off the jeans and unpick the belt loops and badges so that the edge of the jeans are completely smooth.


  • Now try them on and see where you need to cut the front to, to fit your bump, e.g. above the last button from the bottom. Then cut a curve across the front that fits your bump. Take them off before cutting anything 😉


  • Next you need to sew up the fly. To do this you may need to use a zig-zag stitch to overlap as the material can be very thick and difficult to sew. Alternatively you can hand stitch it.


  • Now you’re ready to attach the bump band.
  • Cut down the side seam of the bump band.  Take the bottom edge of the bump band and place it wrong sides together with the rough edge of the jeans. Start at the side seam of the jeans. Stretch the band all the way around until the whole of the band is pinned and the ends meet at the side seam you started at. Make sure you match up the lining of the pockets, with the waist band, and catch them in the seam.


  • Turn the jeans inside out. Pin together the two open edges of the bump band and sew together. You may need to finish the very end with a hand stitch to avoid a hole at the waistband.


  • Bingo! You should now have a pair of maternity jeans. The bump band may go up a lot further than needed but do not be tempted to cut it down or you will have to re-elasticate it. Instead turn the bump band over.


There’s a lot more room in here now and the voice is complaining a lot less so I hope other voices can benefit from this idea. 


2 thoughts on “Upcycling Old Jeans to Maternity Jeans

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Well, Little Bean, you have a very clever voice. And that voice had a good idea! It sounds as though both you and the voice are more comfy now, and that’s what’s important.


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