Hiccups and Somersaults


Well that was weird!

There’s nothing to hang onto in here. You just float around. There’s a long thing that I’m attached to, that stops me drifting too far away from the space but for quite a while there, I couldn’t get comfortable.

The space just kept moving from side to side and it was hot. Very hot!

I kept asking for more water but that just made things worse.

A humming sound almost drowned out the usual whooshing and a strange voice, much louder than any of the others I’ve heard, kept trying to tell me things. Things I didn’t understand. Slides and life jackets. Whatever they are they sound like fun but I never got to find out.

When I’d finished floating about and bouncing around, I finally got settled on one side. That’s when it started.

The jolting, that is.

I kept shaking all over. It stopped as soon as it started but then it started again. It was all very disturbing.

I am glad it’s all over. The voice called it a catamaran and told me not to worry. Not to worry! What kind of advice is that when you’re just floating around with nothing to stop you?

I’m pleased to report the space has been still for while now but I’m hungry. I heard the voice say something about spinach. Spinach is green. I like green things.


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