In The Beginning


Majestic spiral galaxy NGC 4414 taken from the Hubble Telescope via NASA.


It’s dark in here. There was a tiny flash of light, I opened my eyes and nothing. Just darkness.

Every time I wake up I find something new.

I’ve got a feeling I’m floating. It’s not cold, in fact some days it’s too hot. I’ve heard a voice complaining about the heat and I have to agree. I keep putting in requests for more water. I like strawberries too. Strawberries are good.

There’s quite a bit of room in my floaty space. I had to move things around a bit, to get it just how I like it but I have to say, overall it’s very comfortable.

There’s a noise that fills the space. A thundering, whooshing sound. It helps me sleep.

I’ve discovered there are some other things here with me. They are like worms floating in front of my eyes. Some of them look the same and others are a bit shorter and fatter. The shorter, fatter ones I put in my mouth. They don’t taste that good but they help me sleep too.

So this is me. Bean, just being.


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